Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Do you have an upcoming birthday in your home? How can you make a terrific birthday cake for your child? Kid birthday cakes are a lot of fun to make since most kids absolutely love it when you experiment and do something elaborate. The great thing about kids is that they aren’t mean critics about what the end result of your entire day of baking looks like, they are just happy you made them a cake and that it looks relatively close to what they wanted. Here are some fun kid birthday cakes you can make:

Swimming Pool Cake

This is a great cake if you have a big birthday party. Instead of using a traditional cake pan, use a 10 inch circle cake pan to bake the cake. When it’s done, use a 6 inch cake pan to cut out the center of the cake. Now you need to top it off with some homemade blue frosting. You can use store bought icing, you just need to use some blue dye to make the frosting look like water. Paint the entire inside of the cake with blue frosting and come up around the top of the cake. Use white or brown frosting around the side of the cake. Decorate the cake with some Teddy Bear crackers and some lifesavers to act as flotation devices. Another fun thing to add to the cake is a diving board. Get a graham cracker and break it off into a single section and glue it onto the cake with some frosting. There you have it, a swimming pool birthday cake.

Design Cake

Kid birthday cakes are often created with fun characters. Consider buying a few different cake pans to bake the cake in. Snoopy, Cinderella, and Mickey Mouse all make up some great kid birthday cakes. If you decide to go with a design cake, be sure to get some dyes for your frosting so you can give it some color. You need to have a variety of frostings so you can decorate the cake and make it look similar to the cartoon character.

How else can you make some great kid birthday cakes? There are a number of things you can do to spice up a cake. Instead of sticking with the traditional cake mixes, opt for a fun flavor or make multiple cake layers with different cake flavors. You should also decorate up the cake with some fun edible cake toppers. Kids love it when you add plastic characters to the cake. Make a baseball cake and get a few characters to place on the cake.

Cake pictures are a fun idea to add to your cake. Of course you usually need to head into a bakery to have this done. Some ice cream parlors, like Baskin Robins will create a picture cake as well. The picture cakes are pretty cool, but they are usually pretty expensive.

Some edible cake art is another fun thing to add to your child’s birthday cake. You can get some great edible cake art from your local bakery and you can find cake art that matches the theme of your child’s birthday. Is your child having an army birthday party? Make a chocolate cake and then cover it with chocolate frosting along with vanilla frosting that is dyed green. You can then get some army men to add to the cake. Some bakeries have edible army men and it’s a great topper for a birthday cake.

Always have your child involved in the cake making process. It is their birthday after all and baking a cake with you is the perfect way to bond and build some lasting memories!

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