Centerpieces for Your One Year-Old’s First Birthday Party

Your baby’s first birthday is quite a milestone, and a lot of fun to celebrate. Your baby is finally leaving the infant stage, and should be walking soon, if they aren’t already, will start using more words, etc. It can be a lot of fun to make a big to-do out of their birthday. The following are some great centerpiece ideas for the a first birthday party.

First Year Pictures

The party is all about your baby, so why not make the centerpieces the same. You can get clear plastic frames from a dollar store, the kind that you just slid a picture into. So, choose three great pictures of your baby, one from when they were first born, one from a milestone, or a fun day (like Christmas, Halloween, or another holiday), and a more recent one. People will love seeing your baby’s progression, and you will love the prints. Thus, all the money you spend on centerpieces will be well used, as you will use the items again and again. In addition, you will have a great time choosing the photos to print out for your centerpieces. If you want a little something more, you can put a stuffed animal in the center, or one of their favorite items, a plant, or any number of other things.

Alphabet Blocks

Blocks are a great centerpiece, you can make them yourself, or buy them premade, and you can use them to spell out words like, “One” or “Big Day” etc. You can use them to spell your kid’s name, or just use them at random. They can be stacked in cute ways to be very visually appealing, and the color of the letters can be changed to work for a boy, girl, or themed party. You can also combine this with any number of other items for a cute centerpiece, such as the photos mentioned above.

Favorite Toys

One really fun centerpiece idea that won’t cost you a thing is to use your baby’s favorite toys. Be sure to clean and disinfect each of them, as babies tend to put things in their mouth, but then set them in the center of the table, use some confetti around them to make them look more festive, and there you have it, a totally perfect for the occasion, centerpiece! Of course you will want to choose brightly colored toys that are large enough to act as a centerpiece. You could even write up a little description of why your child loves that toy so much, and put it with it. Guests will love learning more about your baby and their interests.

While most parties have themes, and thus centerpiece ideas seem to come easily, as they fit the theme, a first birthday theme is typically about the baby. Thus, make the centerpieces about the baby as well.

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