Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

While summer birthday parties seem to almost plan themselves winter birthday parties can bring parents a great deal of stress. This is especially true if your home is decorated for the holidays or the weather outside is truly frightful! Most parents dread the thought of having hordes of rowdy kids running through their home (unable to be sent outside) but want to allow their child who has a winter birthday to celebrate in real style. If you are looking for more than a just taking the kids to a movie, skating rink or indoor racing track (which can work well if that is what your child wants) then here are some great winter birthday party ideas for girls-

A Winter Craft birthday party-Girls in the 7-10 year old age range love to do crafts so why not set that as your birthday party theme? Invitations can be anything that is winter themed but you may want to warn the kid’s parents that you will be doing winter crafts so they can send their girl dressed appropriately. When the girls arrive; it is important to have the craft tables set up so they can begin right away. Be sure to decorate the room for the party in a winter theme using icicles, fake snow and other winter related items. For the first craft you have the girls make snow globes. Give each child an 8oz water bottle. Each child has about 13 pieces of snowflake confetti. You will also put out small bowls of blue silver and white glitter and have small spoons for them to use. When the child opens the water bottle to start add just a couple of drops of glycerin to the water to thicken it up. Then they can add their glitter and confetti and put the tops back on tight. Be sure to put their initials on each bottle for them to take home later. Other great craft ideas are simple beading projects (stick with a silver and blue theme for winter, tie dye shirts, making snowflake headbands with blue and silver pipe cleaners). You can also carry the craft theme over by letting each girl decorate a large snowflake cookie to take home. Just put out lots of frosting and sparkles and let them go to work. Top the party off by serving a winter themed cake and be sure to have lots of goody bags for everyone to take their crafts home with them.

Winter Fashion show-Most little girls love playing dress up so this should work well for girls ages 6-10. Start by sending out a winter/fashion themed invitations. If the weather is cold be sure to have everyone come dressed in their best winter wear. Be sure to decorate the party room to reflect a winter theme and add a runway down the middle. To get the party started you can divide the girls into two teams. Have them dress their “model” (one girl each team chooses) in assorted winter gear and encourage them to come up with the best (wackiest, funniest) winter fashion. They can then send their model down the runway. If you have enough winter clothes (boots, hats, scarves, coats etc.) you can encourage all the girls to dress up. Another fun twist on this is to have the two teams divide up into relay teams with each team having to dress from a grab bag of winter clothes race down the room, undress and help their teammate dress in the clothes. This continues until one team finishes with all players. If your group of girls wants to you can also help them design clothes for snowman or snow princess. Just provide one for each girl along with scraps of material, paper, glitter and other odds and ends and stand back and admire the creativity. Finish off the party by serving ice cream cake with a winter theme!

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